ATLAS Time & Attendance Solution

A powerful web Based solution to calculate time and attendance in large and small organizations, which means accurate timekeeping and better analytics. Overall record of Employee attendance right form in time and out time, shift allocation and Shift Rotation Management, Leave Management, Advanced Scheduling, Overtime Management and Payroll Integration are the some modules present in ATLAS Time and Attendance Software. The main benefits from ATLAS Time and Attendance Software are:

  • Track personnel time by job, position, department, location, and more.
  • Clock-in and out via web, mobile and physical terminal.
  • Daily, weekly or monthly overview of your co-workers’ time
  • Real-time overview of your employee’s work
  • Eliminate unplanned overtime and buddy clocking
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ATLAS Time & Attendance Mobile Solutions

The revolution of web-based time and attendance software that has made everything easier for organization. Smart devices come with help of the web- attendance solutions. No more signatures. No more Manual attendance. No more Complications. Mark your attendance with the most advanced Atlas Mobile Time and Attendance App.

Fully integrated with biometric attendance and shift management. Provide some functionality on smart devices make you always have Time & Attendance in your hand. Atlas Mobile T&A app has built-in geo-location capture and geo-fencing. These two features ensure that your employees only clock-in and out from where they are supposed to be.

Time & Attendance Integration
Be sure the employee will report activity exactly as it is.
Projects Definition
Each employee is involved during the day or week with a set
of assigned tasks or projects, which must be reported on the
basis of their work. Define the projects, system will compute
the cost of each one.
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Projects' HR Cost Calculation
It is possible to calculate the cost of human resources for
organizational projects through this system.
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calculated expenses at different levels and formats are reported
to you.
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AMIN Device Management

AMIN real-time data gathering module is the Service Oriented platform that does real-time integration with all attendance devices types such as Biometric, Smart Card, RFID, Facial recognition and NFC. Our universal module supports most of the hardware devices from vendors across the world. When your device is connected to your LAN, all you have to do is install our software and it automatically detects all time devices on your network and synchronizes the attendance data with AMIN analytic servers. All this setup in matter of seconds!


ATLAS Visitor Management Solution

ATLAS Visitor Management is cloud-based, fully automated & comprehensive Visitors Management System Software. Visitors can come anytime and front desk of your organization should be in readiness to greet and track their activity within your premises. Atlas Visitor Management is a reliable and cost-effective Visitor Management System Software manage and track visitors throughout its facilities. Our software enables to process:

  • Capture Visitor Info Quickly & Accurately
  • Visitor Offish and Offish Workflow
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Improve Security
  • Improve Visitor Service
  • Ease of Access from Kiosk /Terminal / Laptop
  • Visitor Pre-registration to Tightly Control Authorized Visitor Entry


Clock Attendance Easily with Nikasys Total Solution


Nikasys’s time and attendance in systems combine the latest identification technology with comprehensive management tools. Using RFID proximity technology and fingerprinting technology, these systems eliminate hassle and error, making both you and your workforce happier. Our terminals and ATLAS time and attendance Cloud help you use all the data you record to efficiently manage your employees.