8 Tips for Recruiting New Staff

8 Tips for Recruiting New Staff

Hiring a good employee is a demanding operation. Hiring the wrong person is expensive, time-consuming and even slightly threatening to your business. However, hiring the right person can have a favorable effect on the overall work atmosphere and the growth of your corporation. If you do it right, you’ll have high-quality candidates who represent your business the way that you would. No matter how big or small your company is you need to make a team with the best possible players and in order to do so you need to take some specific factors into consideration.

Here are some tips to help you decide and avoid mistakes, so keep on reading and stay tuned for advice on hiring employees.



  1. Appoint a specific position

The very first thing that you need to do is evaluating the spot they are going to occupy and the roll they are going to have in your company. You need to make sure that hiring a new employee is absolutely necessary and you have all the means to do it. To avoid any sort of redundancy in the organization, this is a required step. You must define the job and your needs and have a clear job description for the applicants before hiring anyone; this description allows you to organize your recruiting approach in a way that will help you find the right workforces for the job.


  1. Have a Clear Job Description

According to Wikipedia, a job description or JD is a written narrative that describes the general tasks or other related duties of a position. What you need to do is defining the exact tasks, obligations and criteria for skills. Your job description needs to define all the necessary and required skills clearly and precisely. The diversity of your needs and the verity of the things you need done are two of the most important things you need to explain in the description. This will help you with observing and recognizing eligible applicants who match your needs. Make sure that this job description is accepted with all involved parties and fits your requirements so that it does not alter when you are recruiting applicants.

  1. Choose a Proper Recruiting Strategy

There are many different recruiting strategies that you can use for hiring. After all, it is 2020 and just posting an ad online and waiting for the perfect candidates to show up does not work the way you expect it to do. A recruiting strategy is a plan of action to help you successfully identify, attract and hire the best candidates for the positions you need to fill. Some of the simplest things you can do are using social media, implementing an employee referral program, making use of sponsored jobs, attending industry-related meetings and using data to improve your hiring process. Using innovative employment strategies will assist you with finding candidates seeking a new role in their jobs and makes the whole procedure a lot easier and much faster.

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  1. Make a Checklist For Your Candidates

You need to set certain standards and use the same techniques for observing every single one of your employees to be fair and well-organized. By having such list, each candidate will be evaluated with the same standards and in the same way. You need to include things like their communication skills, technical knowledge, professional appearance and etc. There are also some characteristic features that you might want to consider in your list, like how motivated and passionate they are for the tasks they are going to do in that position or how eager they are to stay in the job on a long term run and improve in this specific area. This guide for recruiting employees will allow you to organize the hiring process more efficiently and lets you keep track of your employment activities. It can also provide you with reports and results about the qualities your personnel possess and have a great influence on your overall progress.


  1. Going Through Applicants

We have already talked about how you must have a proper job description and a suitable checklist to attract and hire the right candidates for the position, so if you do it right, there will be plenty of worthy resumes pouring in, but what should you do with them and how can you go through them properly? To figure out which ones are worth interviewing, sort through the stack, choose the most impressive resumes and pre-screen those applicants. Remember that you need to apply the same standards to each application that you review and have a consistent approach towards all of them to reduce the chances of any sort of unfair treatment. In this process, as an essential part of the hiring process, the list of the most vital features that you have prepared beforehand would help you a lot in finding the most eligible applicant.

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  1. Prescreening helps you

Prescreening is a great way to save more time and spend less money. A pre-screening interview can be done over the phone / video chat or via online survey; it’s an amazing way of evaluating your candidates before interviewing them in person. If they manage to pass this test successfully, you will know that they are worth your time and it is less likely to be entirely disappointed by them during the in-person interview. Furthermore, it will help you analyze their communication skills and see how they manage to have their best performance and leave a good first impression over something as simple as a phone. You can interview way more candidates over the phone than you could in person, so besides all the things mentioned above, it gives more people the opportunity to be considered and interviewed which benefits you because it increases your chances of finding the perfect candidate.

  1. Be a Professional Interviewer

By prescreening you can find the best applicants and call them in for an on-site interview which brings us to this part. Interviewing is not just about questioning people and expecting them to give you the “right” answer, as a professional you need to be observant and analyze their moves, body language and other abilities. You need to take everything into account and make accurate judgments based on the totality of their performance and determine if they have the necessary features to work with your company. Remember that the interview is the most important step and your candidates will try to be their best and that is exactly what you are looking for during that meeting. By asking the right questions, you will be able to distinguish the extraordinary candidates from average candidates who will not make a good team for your company. You can easily identify the difference between a decent and a horrible interviewee by those questions. Keep in mind that the questions must be about their abilities and not their personal lives.


  1. Make an offer and do it now

The last step is making an offer to the chosen candidate after the whole process of pre-employment checkups and testing them in different ways such as screening them for a while to monitor their work, running background checks and formal drug tests. Remember that a good employee with high-quality abilities can be snatched away from you by other companies very easily, so when you find the person that you find fit for your company, do not hesitate and do not take long in making a decision. The demand for skilled employees is very high because a good employee is what gives meaning and worth to your partnership, so you need to be fair when you are making your offer and also maybe a little open to negotiation about the payment or their rights such as health care and etc. This compromise must be beneficial for both sides.

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Final thoughts

Based on all the information that was given to you in the points written above, you should be able to make rational decisions about how you can hire a good employee and build up your perfect team to expand your business. Hiring good employees can be a huge step towards success and take your company to the next level which is probably what you are looking for. Of course, bringing new people to your business and trusting them with certain tasks can be a bit intimidating but this article can be your guide and help you to reduce some of the stress and pressure that is on your shoulders during this exhausting procedure. Recruiting new employees is a vital and important thing to do and you cannot afford to do it wrong because the consequences could be very costly and even slightly dangerous for your business. The fact that you need to hire more people and look for new employees to do certain tasks that are getting out of your hand means that your business is growing and you, as the manager, are finally able to get some work off your shoulder and assign it to people who will not let you down. We hope you find this article useful and beneficial. Now you can avoid making some mistakes and save your precious time and resources and spend them on something else.





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