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Time Clock and Attendance App with GPS & assigned locations ,face recognition and many more features.

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Benefits of using Timezy

More time for managers

Calculating the salaries and observing the performances of your employees cam be very time consuming which is something that you don’t need. You can get different types of reports from the software and observe their performances in addition to calculating employees' salaries and many other things such as: the amount of overtime, absence , working hours and etc.

Clock in & out with selfies

Is your employee well dressed ?! Simultaneously with the registration of entry and exit, your employees must take a selfie of themselves and upload it in the software. This feature ensures that the employee is properly ready for the business and the work environment.

GPS & assigned locations

You can set different locations in your app so that employees can clock in and out in those specific marked locations.

Start Tracking Time Today

Time clock, Time and Attendance with Location ,face recognition and many more features

Timezy features

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  1. You can manage your employees in a more efficient way and have more time for your self and your family.
  2. Get the best time and attendance tracking assistant with the minimum cost right now. Suitable for mobile phones without the necessity for any other devices.
  3. This application enables you to track the location of employees and their clock in clock out with facial recognition with their phones . You can also manage their shifts and requests for leaves and get authentic reports.
  4. Facial recognition by selfies and Geofence punch and check in locations from predefined locations by the manager frees you from any other time tracking app because all these features are provided here.
  5. All the essential tools a manager needs for an easier managing experience