Time and attendance application is a quick way to monitor your remote team

Time and attendance application

Nowadays remote working is very common. We live in the age of the internet and on account of that, everyone is looking to keep in touch with others through the internet. These days’ companies need to provide a suitable working situation for their remote workforce. With the boom of innovations and technology, there are so many options for companies but one of the best solutions is using a time and attendance application. Working from home is becoming more popular and you should have a plan to tag along with it. 

Here we are going to go through one of the best solutions for managing a team remotely. Read on to find out.

What are time and attendance applications?

Time and attendance software is a clock-in and clock-out system which is mostly cloud-based. This software is a great tool for gathering information about employees. This software can handle so many time-tracking tasks on its own and leaves pretty much nothing for managers to worry about. Time and attendance systems provide some great information that will support the decisions of leaders and managers.

Why you need a time and attendance application

To manage a team, you need to keep everything in order; you need to record every detail and in order to do so, you will need a lot of paper work. Without such documentation, you will lose track of everything and will not have a clear picture of what is going on. You, as a manager, should be able to predict labor needs and be ready for them. You have to make deadlines to deliver orders as soon as possible; otherwise, you would not be able to accomplish the tasks as perfectly as you need it done. By using time and attendance software, you will have the chance to manage everything accurately. That you will have a clear picture of everything and  nothing will surprise you.

Time and attendance software is a great assistants and will be by your side all the way. Here we will talk about some of the advantages of this software to help you decide.

Stop wasting your time over planning

Without time and attendance, application management needs to use spreadsheets to plan employees’ shifts which takes a lot of time. By using the time and attendance system, you do not need those spreadsheets, and you can use it to create a pattern that has never been used before. 


 It’s not just about saving time, it also helps you with your money. Using a time and attendance app , you do not need to spend much money over hiring different people for doing the same job repeatedly. Monitoring employees by other employees will cost you a fortune, and no one wants to waste that kind of money on such thing. So, you are in need of a time and attendance application more than ever. 

There are so many things in your bossiness that you have the plan to expand, perhaps you want to start a new line or need to have some new equipment, so your budget is really important or even vital for your business growth.

No to overpaying/underpaying

There is nothing more painful than being paid less than you deserve or watching others who are not qualified enough getting paid more than you. As you know, employees are one of your greatest sources of income and when you have a great team, there is nothing you cannot get and there is no goal that you cannot reach. But on the other hand, unsatisfied employees could be the most awful thing that happening in your company. It would be best if you took care of their payments as accurately as possible. If such mistakes happen, no excuse would make them want to be a part of your team anymore. So if you do not have any plan to keep everything in order, you need to think it through and find another solution for them to get paid as they deserve. 

 Suppose you are using spreadsheets and accountancy in order to pay your employees. In that case, you should know that there is always a great risk of human error because we are talking about mathematics and many employees with so many details that should be considered. But how can you make sure that your accounting team is doing their job correctly? 

With time and attendance software, you do not need to worry about anything and all you have been worried about will fade away. You will have a robust database that will give you as much information as you need.


Built trust

One of the essential things in a company is building relationships with your employees. If you do not have a significant relationship with your employee, there is no chance of getting the desired outcome in your business. It would be best if you did something to increase employees’ trust in you and your company. 

 How are you going to do that? Time and attendance applications are one of the most excellent ways you can build that trust. By using this sort of software, you are going to monitor everything, so there is nothing left behind you, and you know it all. That makes you pay your employees the way they deserve.

Having a large database

Aside from employee, you have another great resource in your company too; you have a large database that will light your way, show your weaknesses and brings you so much benefit. If you know how you have done your job in the past, you will have a clear picture of the future. Only, in that case, you can make some sane and great decisions for your company. 

 If you do not use a time and attendance application, you will have a pile of paperwork in your company that will take you a lot of time to explore. Besides, there is always a great chance of losing some important information in time, while in time and attendance applications, nothing will be lost and you will have access to all the data from everywhere and at anytime. 

Absence rate

 One of the common things in a company is taking a day or two off and call sick. We all have our bad days; days that make us want to rest a bit and have some time off work. But sometimes, some employees come up with a lot of excuses for not being at work every other day. 

 At the same time, some people do not take any days off and are always at work. So there should be a plan for managing their absence and presence fairly. 

First, you need to have a policy for the number of allowed absences in your company; then by using a time and attendance application you can observe all the reports to find out who is always late at work and who is always in time for work. That way, you will manage all the absences and efficiently manage everything in this matter.

Access to all of your software

In this digital age, several applications are constantly used in a company, and sometimes you need to have access to all of their data. By using a time and attendance system, you will have access to all parts of your software, so we can say that this software can be integrated with other software that has been used in your business. In this way, you will have access to all the data that is gathered in your company. This information is really important, and sometimes making sense of some of them would not be possible without using all of your company’s software. 

 Do you need a report?

 If you need to have a specific report from your company’s performance, you need to have a time and attendance application. For that, you need to pay a button and get all the information you need in no time. As we said, this software would provide you with some great information that will bring you new insights. Reports are the most vital thing you need to make great decisions, without them you will have nothing to analyze and make decision. Decision that are based on information lead to great results. So you need to have access to all the information and what is better than detailed reports that will tell you everything you need to make decision ?

Business growth

 When you have a great team that is completely satisfied with their job and payment and will do anything to make everything better in your company, you will reach your goal. And, soon you will become one of the most powerful companies in your job. Because success is about managing a team and predicting the company’s need as soon as possible, it would be best if you had a plan for everything that could happen. Moreover, it would be best if you had accurate information and united software to use in your prediction. 

 Monitor your team activity

When you have a remote team, you should know how they are doing the job. You will assign employees with different tasks, but how can you know how they’re going to accomplish them? Is there anything you can do about it?

You should know how much it takes them to do different tasks. If there is a task that will take them more time than it should, you should do something about it. On the other hand, you can find out who is better in doing specific tasks comparing to other employees and consider this in your assignments. Besides, it would help a lot if you had a tool to communicate with your team. You need to talk to your employees and tell them your expectation. Besides, you will use a new method in your business, so you need to keep in touch with them and provide them with answers.

You can know it all

When you have your employees working outside of the company, you cannot see them as you usually would in the office. You cannot know if they are getting the job done right or not.

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One of the best ways to find that out is by using a time and attendance application. This software will show you who is working at the moment and what they are doing. You do not stalk your employees, but you can obtain a set of rules that will enable your team to organize their time better to make room for the company’s needs.

 An application for everyone

When you use the time and attendance application, you as the manager are not the only one who benefits from it. This software is an excellent tool in monitoring, so as soon as the number of your employees grows, the result would be beneficial. The thing is that they need to use a system that will provide them with the best things. They want to be paid as much as they deserve, and they would love to be in a team in where they are appreciated for what they do. So there are so many advantages to using these applications, and everyone will benefit from it.


Final thoughts

Time and attendance applications are here to help you manage your team remotely. So if you need to monitor everyone and everything in your company, you should use this sort of application. Managing a remote team is a new criterion for many companies. If you want to use it properly, you need to know your need. What sort of problems do you face managing your team remotely? Try it once and be done with all of your concerns.

Remember that remote working does not have to be so hard you just need to use the best software. We are living in a world full of innovation. So there should not be any problems in your company that will make you less overwhelmed.

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Time and attendance software are great tools that will record everything in your company. Are you ready to know everything? Are you ready for some great decision? Are you ready for a change? Then go ahead and give them a try !




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