Ways to Become the Most Popular Employee in Your Office and Workplace

Ways to Become the Most Popular Employee in Your Office and Workplace

Having popularity in the workplace will create a positive feeling in you, the fact that your colleagues love and admire you will provide you with additional motivation to achieve your goals and have a better progress, so it is important to know the way and method of this important matter; the ways that we will introduce to you to increase your popularity are all written in this article in the form of some simple tips for success that you can easily follow.

How to Gain Popularity in the Workplace?

  1. Show interest in your colleagues:

Becoming popular among your co-workers requires a simple formula: ask them questions about their work, listen to them, and show them your genuine interest in them, if they want to get something off their chest in private or need to talk, let them know that your conversation is confidential, and you will not tell it to anyone else. Express interest in what they are working on and also use small but powerful moves such as asking to hang out for the weekend, the upcoming holiday, and more, and then you see that you have gained their respect and trust. Of course, not all colleagues appreciate such gestures, you should be aware of their social condition and general attitude towards other people before you make a move. For example, you cannot interact with everyone in the same way because they might find you nosey or annoying. You are only allowed to ask such questions or invite them to places when you have formed a basic relationship with them and already are familiar with them. In this way you avoid any misunderstanding or unnecessary drama.

Ways to achieve fame and popularity in the workplace 

  1. Keep your busyness to yourself:

No, this is not just a clever word game to remind you to keep your personal life to yourself; the most popular employees are those who do not talk about their busyness, no one cares how busy you are. Everyone is busy and your job is to do your job. If you are overwhelmed, it is a good idea to talk to your boss and ask for help, but most of your co-workers will soon be overwhelmed to hear how busy you are. Constantly complaining will only make you look like a lazy person who is trying to run from responsibilities.

  1. Avoid rumors for popularity in the workplace:
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Famous stars may be popular, but no one likes to listen to their rumors – and certainly no one wants to get involved with the drama that can be caused by such gossips. An important part of being there for someone and gaining their admiration is to stay away from rumors and it is a rule that should be applied in your life and at work. For example, if there is speculation that a good office is working well or not, do not interfere in their conversation. Instead of inserting your negative sentences into your co-workers’ conversations, be someone that everyone enjoys hanging out with. Your co-workers should feel safe in your presence and threatened by the fact that you might one day turn your back against them and spread rumors about them and spill their secrets.

  1. Do not be late to achieve popularity at work:

Only white rabbits can still be lovable when they are late. If you are constantly late, you cannot be liked and people pay less attention to you, so be sure to set your alarm early and do not show the resistance siren. In addition, set a time to get out of your house, and consider traffic. Wake up early to get up, get dressed and have breakfast, this is a reminder that when you get ready early, you put yourself in a position to succeed. No one will like you if you show up late with untidy clothes and in a mess.

  1. Follow the golden rule to achieve popularity at work:

Live by the law of labor and you can soon control the law of your workspace; be kind, smile and have a nice personality, it’s really easy. By doing this move, you will gain more popularity, because people do not feel that you are taking advantage of them or weakening them, they feel that you are supporting them, it builds trust. It gives you popularity and respect in the workplace. As you know, work can be really tiring sometimes and a negative atmosphere and having mean people around will only make it worse, so don’t be the person that you wouldn’t like yourself either.

  1. Be available for popularity at work:
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This is not a joke – but not talking can silence your co-workers too. Because of this matter, you might soon get a negative reputation that will be difficult to overcome. If you are invited to a group and team to be together, answer yes; smile, even if you do not like it or have a bad day, it will help you in the long run. Your co-workers won’t ever approach you if you do not put afford into looking approachable enough.

  1. Be aware of what is going on
    In companies in today’s world which is known as the age of communication, it is very inappropriate to work somewhere and not be aware of what is going on in the company. Every employee should be aware of how things are done and processed in the organization in which they work, even if it is not directly related to their work.
  2. Do not leave work at the end of the day fast:

Enjoy your work moments and being at work to be more popular, most people do not appreciate or respect the person who leaves really early at the end of working hours. Of course, if there are boring conditions, you can waste your time a little, just please do not look at the clock too much. It does not hurt to sit at your desk for a while and let the minutes pass, and it is not good at all for others to see that you have no desire for your work at all and are waiting to go out. If other people stay and chat or take the bus together, try to join them and be a part of their group.

  1. To be popular at work, offer to help:

If you see that one of your co-workers is stressed or overwhelmed, go to them and help them with their job that day. Become a team captain – someone who supports his teammates. This will move you in the right direction. After all, who does not like someone to help them? All good deeds – even those that put you in the place of others – should not be done with a unique motive. Yes, you want to be everyone’s favorite, but there has to be credibility behind your offer. Otherwise, your co-workers will be able to identify if from a one-mile distance, and in the end it will cause them to retreat.

  1. Do not be disorganized for the sake of popularity:
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If your co-workers talk to you about your work or ask you questions, be careful about  all your stuff that are on your desk; scan your work environment to see if your co-workers are tidy and clean, or if their desks are full of clumps of sheets and other things. If no one else has things your personal belongings or photos, be sure to clean your area of ​​these items and do not leave your food out or your personal belongings in other people’s personal space.

  1. Get popular with respect, generosity and intelligence:

If you do not have anything to say, do not say anything. But if you can get your partners to praise you, talk and listen to them. Remember that credibility is important. Perform well in a subtle way, such as: “I thought you were really good at presenting and doing your job well.” Respect others to gain their respect.

  1. Refrain from making loud phone calls to achieve popularity: 

If you need to talk to someone, text them. Or call them quickly but if you have a 5-7 minute conversation, it may be time for you to lower your voice or finish the call as soon as possible. In the open workspace that is so prevalent today, it is almost impossible to avoid listening to your colleagues’ personal phone conversations. So, text if you can. Not everyone in the office can stand talking loudly. Want extra rewards for talking quietly? The whole office does not depend on your personal life.

  1. 13. Have reasonable expectations

Always go to the boss’s office for requests that are enforceable and speak in places where your words are effective, otherwise you will be like a radio that is always on but no one is listening!

  1. Be honest

Always thank your co-workers for the things that make you happy. Express yourself immediately when you are upset about a certain behavior or decision by them, so try to always be honest so that people will trust you more.


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