A Thorough Introduction to Time and Attendance Software and Applications

Time and Attendance

Employee’s time spent in an office needs to be monitored, maybe through a digital tool, paper-registers or Excel- based spreadsheets. However, the burgeoning growth of technology lets companies and HR departments use Time and Attendance software and applications to simplify time tracking. They can automatically manage company time and attendance data including all hours worked in addition to vacation time, holidays, sick days and also overtime. There are some essential features that an attendance management system must have.

Must-have and Nice-have features

In the past, it was so easy for employees to add extra time to their timecards when using the time clock or a paper sheets. They could also punch the clock for their friends who were not present. Nowadays, due to the key features of timekeeping management system, the mentioned issues can be prevented. Each time and attendance system should have the following capabilities.

The ability to clock in and out

One of the must-have features of time and attendance system is clock in when the employees start the workday, register break periods and also clock out when the workday is over.

Managing leave

The attendance management system must be able to register a missed day. Applying for leaves should be made according to the special requests, like half-day, not just registered as “absent”.


Time and Attendance system should be linked to payroll to calculate the time put in. Any PTO (paid time off) or approved leaves can be reconciled through this system. It should have the ability to support any compensation and flexible payments whether it is daily or hourly.


Keeping the attendance records of employees is the core duty of Human Resources in any kind of organization. All the details such as the number of hours the employees work, overtime, and missed days must be calculated through time and attendance system.

Biometric capability

If the workforce is large and has specific clock-in and clock-out timelines, checking the attendance biometrically is a nice quality for a time and attendance system to have. By using the fingerprints or other personal identification of the employees, the risk of fraud can be eliminated.

Alerts for missed clock-in or clock-out

It is likely for employees now and then to forget to clock in or clock out due to being in a rush while entering or leaving the workplace. If it happens, the automated alerts inform the managers or the employees and request action immediately.


If time and attendance system has the ability to sync with digital calendars like Outlook or Google Calendar, it is considered as a bonus to let everyone know whether a person is available or not. It is so beneficial for remote teams where the person’s attendance can be checked through a shared calendar.

The benefits of tracking Time and Attendance

Nowadays, all businesses do get the help of technology to boost the productivity of employees. Time theft had been a common issue in almost all corporations before the introduction of different Time and Attendance software and applications to the market. The benefits of tracking time and attendance are many, among them are:

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Less time is spent on payroll.

One of the key points for a business to be successful is managing time. Tracking, recording and processing the time spent working every day, week and month are a time-consuming process both for employees and HR. By using the modern systems, time can be cut down calculating payroll every month.

Buddy punching and time theft can be prevented.

It is common among employees to take a longer lunch break or ask a friend to clock in for them when they are late. It has been estimated that businesses lose a great amount of money as a result of buddy punching. However, by using automated time and attendance software and applications, the mentioned problem can be prevented.

Human error in bookkeeping can be stopped.

To err is human, so it is possible for all computation devices, even the most accurate and precise ones, to make a mistake. Just one misplaced digit can bring big inaccuracies in the total accounting of an organization. To prevent such a big loss, it is essential to use the latest innovation of time and attendance in technology.

Employees need to be kept informed.

One of the HR duties is inform the employees about the amount of time left in a year and the remaining sick days. Calculating them takes a great deal of time especially in large corporations. So, time and attendance systems let employees access this information at any time they like. It enables them to know how well they use their time. Such information increases productivity and decreases inefficiencies.

Paperwork can be eliminated.

Gradually, items like paper, pens or pencils, printer ink, etc. will vanish and be replaced by some techniques and gadgets that use less time to do the process of production. So, all resources on paperwork will be long gone in the long run.

Both a utilized system and the business should grow in parallel.

Business success means hiring more employees and letting it grow as much as it could. The bigger a business gets, the more information needs to be analyzed. So, a paper-based system cannot possibly be good enough for the great amount of information of a large organization.

A central database needs to be accessed.

Outdated methods are not applicable in big companies, for they are time and budget consuming. They can legally troubling. Since they have to spend a lot of time collecting and calculating information, it is distracting for the employees and doesn’t let them do what they are required to do. By providing the company with a central database, it will be much easier to calculate whatever is supposed to be estimated.

Why use Time and Attendance Software?

Achieving success in a short period of time is a shared common goal among all the businesses. It consists of increasing productivity, boosting profits, optimizing workflow and so on. Keeping track of them all through software or an application is much easier than documenting them by using pen and paper. Here are five reasons to use the mentioned software.

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1.      It automates the writing and changing schedules.

Managing the staff’s schedules is a very complicated task, especially if it is done traditionally with a pen and paper or even a word processing program. Worse than that is making a change after the schedules are crafted. But the time and attendance software has some dynamic scheduling capabilities that ease the process.

2.      It prevents the time to be wasted.

The main purpose of using the latest technology is saving time which is usually wasted through buddy punching or some other dubious practices. Every five minutes a day equals approximately 3 days a year. Wasting such amount of time means losing a lot of money by the end of the year. Time and Attendance Software can manage the employee’s time schedules and decrease the amount of time stolen.

3.      A large amount of money can be saved.

Such technology is suitable for many different functions to bring money for the organization. It creates more strategic schedules and limits the amount of overtime. Also, it tracks and modifies the rates of employee as they are needed in the pay periods. Budgeting and job costs can be calculated more easily and effectively, because the attendance and time are more predictable. Moreover, the staff’s expertise domain can be matched with the relevant departments and shifts through applying Time and Attendance Software.

4.      It helps the employees comply with organization policies and labor laws.

The flexible, customizable programs of this innovation can help the employees carry out improved company polices and increase the profits that suit the particular needs. Applying it closes the paths to lose money, time and effort. Also, it brings good publicity and reputation.

5.     The operations can better be managed.

Businesses’ success depends on their customized reports. The clients should be provided with valuable data to run their businesses well. The information can be gathered and leveraged through Time and Attendance Software. As a result, the projections, production, performance and productivity can be tracked and improved.

The factors that should be considered while choosing the best Time and Attendance Software

To tackle the overwhelming amount of tracking systems and avoiding the frustrating pen and paper or word processing systems, some features should be kept in mind when picking out the best system.

The best time and attendance software:

Needs flexible time tracking

Employees need to be allowed to take down the hours through different methods. They shouldn’t be restricted to just one system or device. Smartphones, tablets, computers and time clocks should be able to be used for keeping the records of worked hours.

Needs to keep perfect time

To increase profits, a correct way of recording the time and attendance of the employees is needed. The systems and apps should ensure the managers and HR to pay precisely what they are supposed to pay and owe to their employees.

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Should be compatible with mobile

Mobile devices and smartphones are nowadays an inseparable part of everybody’s life. As being and working online is being widespread, some employees and managers don’t work in an office building. So, the prominence of this feature is definite and taken for granted. The managers should be able to track the employees’ clock in and out and also where they are and what they are doing.

Should be user-friendly

All technological devices have been made to make the life simpler and easier although they don’t always achieve this target. The Time and Attendance Software system must be user-friendly and have a clean-looking interface, regardless of that the device is.

Needs to be integrated with existing systems

This software should have the ability to integrate with other software and applications with no trouble, especially with the HR and payroll programs that you are familiar with. Having such a feature allows the data to be exported the collected data from the time clock application to the software in the company.

Should receive real-time alerts

It is essential for Time and Attendance Software to have proactive alerts to notify the manager about clock in and out, break, overtime or any labor laws. Through this function, not only can money be saved but also the roles and schedules will be planned more effectively and efficiently.

Must be accurate

The correctness of this software is as important as the data it collects. Otherwise, inaccurate records can cause a business lose a fortune in the long run. Saving the time and gaining profits depend directly on the accuracy of such software.

Should have a request for time change

Although Time and Attendance Software is automated, the mistakes can still arise. So, the software should have the ability to be completed and submitted by the employees in case a mistake occurs. That way the manager can review the request to see whether it should be approved or denied.

Must have a functioning dashboard

Sometimes some software or apps are frustrating as they don’t provide us the option of searching or looking for in a program. Such and innovation should be equipped with a functioning dashboard to let both the managers and the employees search for what they need or even clock in or out from the dashboard without going through some steps to get it done.

Should have track mileage

Some employees like repairmen, plumbers or even government employees need to travel out of the organizations to have the work done. By having this function, the system can calculate gas mileage and as a result can reimburse the employees.

Time and Attendance Software with a wide range of abilities and functions can ease the life of work for both the managers and employees of companies, especially the large ones. With the flourishing growth of technology, it is better for organizations and workplaces not to fall behind and use the latest technological advancement to gain more profits during this period of time.

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