Happy and satisfied employees bring satisfied and loyal customers!

Happy and satisfied employees bring satisfied and loyal customers!


The relationship between happy employees and customer satisfaction – human resource management


Undoubtedly, it is the presence of customers that gives meaning to a business. That is why we have heard this sentence a lot:

“The customer is always right”.

Jeff Bezos, one of today’s biggest investors, attributes Amazon’s incredible success to its customer focus:

” We’re not competitor obsessed, we’re customer obsessed. We start with what the customer needs and we work backwards.”

The mentality of “the first day” :

According to him, all employees and members of Amazon should always have the mentality that they are on the first day of the company. In his opinion, the second day of its establishment is equal to silence, which results in:

Doing irrelevant things, which is ultimately the death of a business.

As companies strive to prioritize customers, the latest research offers new insights into how to achieve customer satisfaction:

Happy and committed staff.

Can companies achieve customer satisfaction by investing in employees, who provide goods and services?

Guaranteeing happy employees is vital to the growth of your company. If you are a big business or a small store, the expense of recruiting and educating new workers is always greater than the cost of investing and keeping current staff. Employee satisfaction must be a priority in order to recruit and maintain the best workers in the workforce. Satisfy staff by knowing what makes them feel part of the team and by contributing to the growth of the company.

A happy workforce is related to a company’s ability to satisfy customers. Especially in industries where customers interact more with employees. Including tourism, restaurants, health and financial services.

To study the relationship between happy employees and customer satisfaction, the researchers referred to two sources of information:

The Glassdoor Employee Review section (Glassdoor is a website where current and former corporate employees anonymously evaluate companies(.

American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) ranking, which records the opinions of 300,000 American customers about products and services.

The researchers surveyed the average overall Glassdoor score (on a scale of one to five) and the ACSI score (on a scale of zero to 100) annually from 293 large employers from 13 different industries between 2008 and 2018.

They found that improving a star in a company’s Glassdoor rankings would improve the customer satisfaction score by 1.3 percent. This statistically significant effect is more than doubled in industries where employees interact more closely with customers.

Ways to increase problem solving skills

This finding gives managers a powerful lesson:

If you want to stick to the “customer is always right” strategy, building high employee morale is a necessary (not sufficient) requirement.

Although prioritizing customers’ needs will definitely improve customer retention and loyalty, managers can under no circumstances neglect the most valuable resource in their business, employees!

Negative atmosphere spreads like a virus in the air of a company. The frustration and dissatisfaction of one employee will cause the dissatisfaction of another, and eventually this cycle will reach the customers. If the above statistics are not enough to convince you, in the following sections we will offer more benefits for having happy and satisfied employees.

The Benefits of Having Happy Staff

  • More creativity

In a world of rapidly changing customer preferences and increasing competition between organizations, creativity is a prerequisite for success. Creative thinking is an important skill for your employees, because employees are the first representatives of your business as a customer service provider.

Happiness and satisfaction contribute to creativity:

  • Increases people’s mental flexibility.
  • Welcomes new challenges.



An employee who is satisfied with the company is more motivated to offer products and services. This makes customers more enthusiastic. This is very easy to understand:

Happy employees present the product to the customer with more enthusiasm and energy.

Of course, the customer also prefers the service provided and wants to revisit your business.


An employee who enjoys the work environment is more likely to stay in that environment. If you think about the additional costs of hiring a new employee, such as: advertising or interview costs, training costs, errors, etc., you will find that making employees happy is worth the effort.


Warm smile, positive attitude, attention and motivation.

These are all characteristics of a happy and committed employee, as well as the characteristics necessary to make a customer happy. Human emotions, whether positive or negative, are easily transmitted. So make sure the only emotion your employees share with customers is positive emotions.

Invest in your employees’ happiness and satisfaction and see how you respond to happy customers who want to buy more from you. When an employee has a positive attitude towards his or her work and is fully committed to it, this positive attitude is naturally seen in his or her relationship with the customer. Happy employees strive to provide quality services and, as a result, to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Why Does Time Tracking Increase Employee Productivity?




Many employees say that technology increases their job satisfaction. New technology makes work easier for your employees and makes repetitive work a more enjoyable experience. For example, if your HR staff uses software to check employees’ working hours, track leave and employee attendance, and evaluate employee performance, they will certainly have fewer human errors and will enjoy some routine and repetitive administrative tasks. Such innovations lead to clearer communication between employees and fewer errors.

  • creating a productive and happy work environment

Workplace conditions have a significant impact on improving productivity.

Make sure the workspace is set exactly to:

  • Provide for the needs of employees.
  • Increase positive energy.

One of the best ways to do this is to encourage employees to personalize the workplace.Who knows better than the person himself what he or she would like his/her workplace to be like? Allow them to have a place where they can know it for themselves. Encourage a creative and enjoyable work environment. People are usually happy to display family pictures or artwork of their children. The ability to arrange the desired workspace helps employees feel that they really belong there, and management wants them to feel comfortable while working.

  • Trust your employees.

Most HR professionals say employees do not like to be micro-managed, give your employees the authority and responsibility they need to perform their duties. If you assign a task to someone, do not constantly check on them. Supervise your employees in such a way that they do not feel that you are constantly watching them and waiting for them to make a mistake.

  • Improve the balance between work and life.

Employees are happy when employers understand their responsibilities and life outside of work.

  • Offer flexible work schedules.

Some of your employees may work better in the morning, some in the evening. Make it possible to work from home when employees need it. Taking care of a sick child or staying home during a snowstorm makes employees happy instead of fighting to get to work. Read about remote team management.

  • Encourage your employees to socialize

A great way to ensure happy employees is to make sure they socialize positively with their co-workers at work. Facilitate social interaction between co-workers by holding events for the company’s various events.

  • Evaluate the efforts of employees

Nothing undermines the motivation of a person more than ignoring his or her efforts. Praising staff motivates them to do well in the future. Employees at organizations where administrators rely on the strengths of their employees display stronger engagement and dedication.

  • Offer some presents if you can
Time and business management

Some companies give shopping vouchers to their employees. These benefits can make your employees happy to work with you in the long run.


  • Do not rush to criticize your employees for their mistakes.

Do not hurry to blame the employees for their errors, but instead offer guidance that is helpful to the potential success of the worker. You may also make the progress possible by offering training grants.

  • Ask them for their opinion.

Just because your employees are smiling today does not mean they will smile forever. Do not think that this situation will always remain the same. Monitor your employees’ attitudes toward work and their level of satisfaction. Schedule monthly or quarterly meetings with your employees and talk about how they feel about work. Survey employee satisfaction anonymously and voluntarily. Invite your employees to share what they like or dislike about their job and work environment.

Ask them questions such as the following:

  • Do you feel you have the tools and resources to do your job?
  • Does your job make you feel successful?
  • Are you satisfied with the extent of your involvement in decisions that affect you personally?
  • What can we change to increase your satisfaction?

Pay attention to the poll results.

There may be things you cannot do for them, such as higher salaries or better benefits. So pay attention to the items that have no cost.

  • Perform regular assessments.

Supervisors and managers must review performance at least once every few months. This will give your employees a chance to talk to you about their performance and feelings. Praise employees who work well. It motivates them and makes them happy. If you feel an employee needs to improve, manage things nicely by saying things like this:

” We appreciate all your efforts. “But if you pay more attention to invoice tracking, it will be great.”

  • Communicate freely.

Your employees will be happy when they receive accurate information directly from the company. They do not want to hear the news or developments of the company from the media, competitors or other people. Hearing these issues from the manager removes any worries about job stability due to future changes. Therefore, hold regular meetings or send newsletters to inform employees about important changes in the company.

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