Human Resource Management (HR) and its function in a successful company

Human Resource Management (HR) and its function in a successful company


What does human resource management mean?

The existing competitive environment in the professional world creates new and important concepts that are very important to address in the competitive business environment, including human resources.

In fact, human resources as a type of competitive advantage in organizations, is the most important asset of businesses. Therefore, this concept seems to be important for the preservation of this asset. In organizations today, the importance of creativity, innovation, brilliance, and high motivation in the field of human resources is definitely vital. In fact, the term human resources was first coined in the 1960s because it addresses intriguing topics such as human behavior and performance appraisal and motivation in working relationships.Understanding what human resources mean can actually include all the people who work at different levels of an organization and in different jobs.

How can we manage resources?

Human resource management is a process that covers the methods, tasks and behavioral and key contexts of an organization specifically in relation to its core assets and employees. In fact, this concept covers topics such as training, performance evaluation, employee retention strategies and policies. Human resource management is used to describe the management and development of employees in an organization, whose main task is how to oversee all matters related to the management of human resources of the organization. This concept includes the development and implementation of programs designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization or business. Human resources vary mainly in terms of workload, duties, resources and jobs for small firms and for large companies. In the presentation and execution of policies and practices in organizations, these variations are widely found. All teams should aspire every day to establish objectives that will make their organization effective in terms of how to perform human relations work.

Human resources lay the groundwork for what decides the future of the business.


What is the importance of the human resources team?

The importance of human resource management has become very significant in recent years because the role of this matter in the preservation and protection of human resources cannot be neglected since the beginning of employment, interviews, determination of salaries in accordance with labor law.

Necessity and importance of human resource management

The human resources team has an important role in achieving the practical and fundamental goals of the organization by helping the personal development of employees, performance appraisal and the development of organizational culture. The human resources team today does more work than traditional employees. In fact, they can be useful in performing their main tasks in the best way possible in the correct employment situation with high productivity of employees. The human resources team will recruit and hire the best workforce and in the next stage will provide them with the necessary training. They also provide the ability to monitor and evaluate their performance and encourage them to create a more dynamic work environment and raise the motivational issues of their employees.

In fact, given what has been said, the human resources team seems to have such potential that it is expected to be always fluid and up-to-date and to be as inspiring and creative as possible with the power to create important values ​​in the development of working relationships in an organization .Of course, it should always be remembered that taking on the duties of a human resources department is hard work and not just a walk in the park. As a manager you need a team like this in your association.

What do you know about human resource management tasks?

  • Recruiting new employees:

The human resources team in the recruitment process, according to the considerations they have in mind, such as paying attention to the initial examinations, lack of bad background and addiction testing, recruit suitable people that are the best and the most suitable for the position you are trying to fill in the company. Recruiting the wrong person costs a great deal, takes time and sometimes threatens your company. However, hiring the right employees will have a positive impact on your overall working environment and on your company’s progress. With a good HR team you will have good quality applicants who represent the organization the way you want to.

  • Addressing the concerns of employees:

The human resources unit can help a lot to increase the ability and energy of employees by addressing the various concerns that employees might have, such as salaries, benefits, retirement plans and their growth and development. With their help, your employees would know that their concerns are being heard and they are in good hands. Managers must always ensure that their staff is efficient and pleased and that they are content with what they do. Happy workers stand out from unsatisfied ones.

  • Increasing and maintaining the motivation of employees:
Happy and satisfied employees bring satisfied and loyal customers!

Well this matter is an important challenge for the human resources group. Hardworking human resource teams work efficiently to encourage the company’s employees to do their best to perform their duties. In fact, the human resources team tries its best to keep the work environment of the employees attractive and lively by doing things such as creating welfare facilities and providing appropriate support for the employees.

  • Designing a performance evaluation system:

Among the other tasks of the human resources team is designing a system for evaluating employee performance. Because in this way, they can create a close link between employee performance and the goals of the organization. However this part can be done perfectly with a time and attendance application which collects the data of each employee and keeps it secure and safe and decreases the chances of any human errors. Using such software and applications in your company can turn out to be very beneficial in the end.

  • Planning to improve the career of employees:

The human resource management team identifies this group of employees in order to promote them in case of need and tries to take measures to promote them. All employees need to know that there is a future in their job and all their hard work and efforts would pay off so the HR team can assure them that such thing is possible. This matter can also be considered as one of the many tools and ways that the HR team keeps the staff motivated and encouraged.

Pay attention to these points in human resource management:

  • Make tasks clear in the workplace:

It is better for the description of employees’ duties to be clear and for employees to have proper knowledge and awareness of their work. In this way, they are perfectly aware of what they should do and what they should avoid which decreases the chances of any sort of conflict in the workplace and between the employer and the employee.

  • Try to create a good work environment:
Time and business management

This process is so effective in creating and raising the motivation of your employees that it will have amazing results, such as the fact that your employees will tend to enter their work environment with higher energy. Having some facilities may be very beneficial for employees in the workplace. Employees would appreciate such environment and it would take their minds off small and unimportant things that they shouldn’t have to worry about.

  • Try to pay attention to empowerment:

Undoubtedly, turning to division of labor to entrust some tasks has certain results, and this process is formed gradually and over time, so that at first there are limited responsibilities and then more employee authority. And you will see the results in the future.

  • Explain work standards for employees:

It is better to set appropriate and clear standards for all steps and levels of work and discuss them clearly with your employees.

  • Examine and evaluate people’s performance

Clearly, this is the most significant role of the Human resources team in your company. They are there to observe the performance of each employee and evaluate them based on it. Although all human resource units have the same goals to efficiently solve problems and formulate plans for their companies, the paths they take to achieve these goals in the company are different.

  • Respect employees:

When you respect employees, they will respect you in return and you will have a healthy relationship with them.

The final notes

Human resource management is one of those tools that can best meet the needs of businesses. A happy working environment is typically an efficient, versatile and resilient place of work. Once employees believe that their job is controlled by their own success and satisfaction, they accept accountability. They will make fewer mistakes and feel heard and appreciated. A dynamic and valuable environment is something that brings you many achievements and it is only possible by having the right people in your HR team to monitor and analyze the data they collect from the employees for their own sake. Hard-working HR team members will work effectively in order to inspire other staff to do their best to fulfill their obligations and duties in the company.

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